Winter has already hit its peak. Ensuring that your heater runs at its peak efficiency is more important than ever. A functional heater will keep your loved ones warm and cozy. Returning home or waking up to a malfunctioning heater on a chilly winter morning can be distressing, especially if you have senior citizens, kids, and pets that catch cold easily at home. One of the most common heater problems that homeowners face is their heater blowing cold air. Heating repair experts in Suwanee Warn of the pitfalls of making light of the problem. Ignoring the problem will only make things worse. To ensure your nightmare is short-lived, consult an air conditioning repair expert in Suwanee. Before seeking expert help, take a good look at your system. Try to figure out what’s wrong with it. If you can give a rough idea of the problem haunting your system to your HVAC expert, they can figure out how to proceed and will come up with a solution swiftly. This is a win-win outcome for both you and your expert. If your heater is continuously blowing cold air, you may have one of these problems.

1. It Was Just Turned On

A heater takes time to heat the air circulating in the home. Wait for at least 10-15 minutes after switching your heater on. If, however, you do not get hot air after 10-15 minutes, get it checked by an air conditioning repair expert in Suwanee.

2. Depleted Thermostat Batteries

Many homeowners don’t even know that their thermostat utilizes batteries. They assume that the device is hardwired into their home’s electrical system. Dying thermostat batteries can cause an HVAC system to have issues. If you are using old batteries, replacing them can be a solution to your HVAC woes.

3. The Fan Is Set To ‘On’

If your fan is set to ‘On’, the HVAC fan will run even when the heater is turned off. To check whether this is the problem, take a look at your thermostat setting. If the fan is set to ‘On’, switch it to ‘auto’. This will ensure that your fan runs only when the heater is turned on.

4. The Pilot Light is out

Gas furnaces have a small light known as pilot light that burns the gas to produce heat. If you have a gas furnace, check your pilot light. Sometimes the pilot light of old furnaces burns out. If this is the problem you are facing, go through your furnace’s manual to find out what it says about restarting the pilot light.

5. Clogged Filter

One of the most common causes of heater malfunction is clogged filter. A clogged filter restricts airflow through the system. Check whether your filter is clogged or damaged. You know a replacement is due if the last filter change was more than 30 days ago.

Living with a malfunctioning heater in winter is every homeowner’s nightmare. At Central Heating & Air Conditioning, we are committed to ensuring that the nightmare is short-lived. We specialize in commercial HVAC maintenance in Suwanee.We have been helping simplify the lives of our community members for more than seven decades now. To talk to an HVAC expert, call us at (404) 261 – 2280.