Central Maintenance Agreement
  1. Slow down your electric meter. Empirical utility research proves that air conditioning maintenance will Cut Utility Expenses.
  2. Small problems left untended will become big problems later. With maintenance, you Prevent Breakdowns.
  3. Any mechanical system lasts longer with good maintenance. Your comfort system is a mechanical system. Service it to Extend Equipment Life.
  4. Is your home comfortable on the hottest days or do you sweat it out? Utility research found that air conditioning maintenance Restores Lost Capacity.
  5. Airlines let frequent flyers board the plane first. Similarly, our service agreement customers Receive Priority Service.
  6. When something does break, service agreement customers pay less. With our service agreement, you receive a 20 % Repair Discount. Contact us for details.
  7. The cost of a precision tune-up is $87.00. A fall safety inspection and combustion tuning costs $87.00. A service agreement is only $157.00. You get a Tune-Up discount. Why wait sign up for a Central Service Agreement now!( Service agreement cost for each additional system is only $94.00)
  8. When breakdowns occur at inconvenient times, don’t worry about high overtime costs. Service agreement customers Never Pay Overtime.

Click on schedule maintenance on the contact us menu for maintenance agreement information.

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