Annual Maintenance Benifits

Stay warm all winter, cool all summer, and a little richer all year long with a “Central Maintenance Agreement”.

One of the ways we can best serve you is with a Central Maintenance Agreement (CMA).  A CMA agreement gives you scheduled maintenance, timely response, highly skilled Technicians, emergency response, longer equipment life, lowest utility bills possible, and peace of mind.

With a service agreement you receive the following benefits:

Reduced Monthly Utilities

Because we have first-hand knowledge of your heating and cooling system we are able to keep you informed in an effort to prevent major repairs. Properly maintained equipment keeps more energy dollars in YOUR pocket. With rising utility costs, a clean and tuned system with efficient filters is more important than ever. Industry studies show that a properly tuned heating/cooling system will save you more in energy cost than the price of the service agreement.

Expert Repair

When purchasing a service agreement, consider the qualifications you expect from someone in whom your place your trust. We have received the “Service Excellence Training Award” 9 of 10 years for the highest hours of training per man in Georgia. Our NATE and Comfort Institute certified technicians are one reason we are a recognized leader in the heating and cooling industry.

Priority Response

Breakdowns never happen when it is convenient. When it’s 95°F outside and hundreds of families don’t have air conditioning, with a CMA, it’s you at the top of the list.

Parts And Labor Discount

If major repairs are required, with a CMA the repair will be billed at 20% off our normal service rates. We maintain a large inventory of replacement parts on each truck, in addition to our warehouse. We service all major brands.

Planned Maintenance

This systematic maintenance program detects and corrects minor problems before they become major. Prolonged equipment life is a result of good care. Be sure to remember the reduced cost of major repairs when considering the purchase of a service agreement.

Emergency Response

After hours emergency is available to CMA holders. After hours trip charge is only $36.00 – with no overtime rates. For after hour emergencies call our after-hours emergency number.

Quality Parts

We only use the best quality replacement parts available. All parts installed and labors performed are guaranteed.

Planned Maintenance Service for Heating and Cooling:


  • Check safety controls and devices
  • Check for proper voltage to all motors
  • Check air temperature drop across evaporator
  • Check for adequate refrigerant charge
  • Check blower motor and wheel
  • Change filters (pleated type, standard sizes only)
  • Check for proper safeties
  • Check electrical time delay circuits
  • Check starting contactor contacts
  • Check program and adjust thermostat
  • Check condensing unit wiring and connections
  • Check air temperature rise across condenser
  • Check that condensation drain is open
  • Chemically clean condenser coil
  • Check compressor amperage
  • Check for restricted metering device


  • Check fan control settings
  • Check program and adjust thermostat
  • Check safety controls
  • Check burners
  • Check and adjust pilot assembly
  • Check primary air
  • Check secondary air
  • Check for gas leaks in furnace
  • Check electrical connections within furnace
  • Check motor and blower wheel
  • Vacuum heat exchanger
  • Change filters (pleated type, standard size only)
  • Check flue-vent connector for leaks
  • Check high limit control
  • Check air temperature rise through exchanger
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Check for proper vent drafting
  •  Check condition of air ducts