If your air conditioning and heating system is not running optimally, you don’t need a professional to tell you that you require air conditioning and heating repair in Roswell. You will get several signs to indicate that there is something amiss with the system. However, there are a few facts you may not be aware of when it comes to HVAC repair.

1) Correcting your Thermostat Settings Can Do you a World of Good

An incorrect thermostat setting could be the cause of the HVAC not functioning the way it should. So, before you call for air conditioner and heating repair in Decatur, examine the thermostat settings. Just changing the setting could help in getting your HVAC working properly.

2) Ignoring a Pending Air Conditioner Repair Can Be a Fire Hazard

A major cause for fire-related incidents happens to be wire or cable insulation. It is prudent to get a professional to conduct annual inspection and maintenance of the heating and air conditioning system so that they can spot any problem with the insulation, and fix it at once.

3) The Vents Can Affect Cooling and Heating

Sometimes, you may just not feel the hot or cooled air as the vents around the house could be closed. So, check the vents in each room to ensure they are open before you decide to call in the cavalry.

4) The Coils of your AC May be Filled with Dust

At times, you may need air conditioning repair in Decatur if the thin pieces of metal (the coils) in the heating and cooling system are dirty and dusty. The coils create condensation to cool the air coming out of the unit. Thus, ensuring they are clean is imperative.

5) Your Gas may be Turned Off

If your heating unit runs on natural gas, check whether the valve of the gas is turned on. Many times, homeowners contact technicians to complain about the functioning of their heater only to find out that the gas is turned off.

6) Never Ignore Ventilation

One of the major reasons for air conditioning repair is improper ventilation. Proper ventilation makes sure contaminants generated inside the house are expelled outside. Remember, the ventilation point should be able to exchange the indoor air with fresh air every four hours.

7) Tripping of Circuit Breakers is a Common Occurrence

Before you call a technician to fix your HVAC unit, inspect the circuit breaker. More often than not, the system ceases to function if the circuit trips. On the other hand, if the circuit trips regularly when the air conditioning and heating system is turned on, it indicates a major problem. Get a technician to diagnose and rectify the issue.

These are some of the things that you should know about air conditioning and heating repair. Remember, knowledge is power, and when you know facts about your HVAC unit, you will be in a better position to make a repair-related decision. If you are facing trouble with your HVAC system, fret not, for Central Heating and Air Conditioning has your back. Call us today at 404.975.2534.