Home Performance Atlanta

Central Heating and Air Conditioning has developed the following “Home Performance Improvement Program” that directly correlates with the new Utility Company, State and Federal Energy Savings Initiatives. We have Home Performance Specialists and Design Engineers trained to find ways to reduce your energy consumption. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we can make a difference in your overall comfort and provide savings on your utility bills with our ”Whole House” approach.

Take control of your energy dollars by taking the following measures:
  • Block and seal all electrical/plumbing penetrations in your attic
  • Add insulation in your attic to a level of R-38 or R-49 for maximum impact
  • Install an Attic Tent above the dropdown stairway entering your attic creating an air barrier
  • Seal exposed attic, crawl space and basement duct work to eliminate loss of conditioned air
Benefits you will experience:
  • 20% to 30% reduction in your utility bills
  • Even temperatures throughout your home
  • Eliminate loss of conditioned air that you have paid for to heat and cool your home
  • No more hot and cold spots in sections of your home
  • Improved comfort during all seasons
  • Your home will be tested before and after any work performed to measure improvement, ensuring efficiency gains are achieved and we will provide you with documentation
Georgia Power Customers are eligible for up to $2,200 in rebates reducing your out of pocket costs!

Call us TODAY for more information or to schedule a FREE quote. It’s worth a call to see what a difference we can make with your comfort and your monthly utility bills! 404-261-2280