HVAC systems provide heating and cooling to residential and commercial buildings. An HVAC system works to maintain the temperature of the building no matter how low or high the outside temperature. A malfunctioning system cannot perform this function. From clogged filters to leaking ducts, there are various causes of HVAC problems. Ignoring an HVAC problem will only make things worse. To steer clear of expensive repairs, consult a heating contractor in Flowery Branch as soon as you encounter an HVAC problem.

How Much Does HVAC Tune-Up Cost?

On average, HVAC repair costs between $150 and $450. Most homeowners pay $319. Your actual cost will depend on a number of factors such as the age, size, and complexity of your system, whether the system has been regularly maintained, and the time of the year (HVAC repair experts in Flowery Branch and elsewhere charge more during heating and cooling seasons).

Some Additional Service Cost Estimates

● Refrigerant recharging: $250 to $750
● Fixing refrigerant leaks: $200 to $1,500
● Condenser coil replacement: $1,900 to $2,900
● Thermostat replacement: $200 to $400 and above (depending on the brand)
● Blower motor replacement: $450

Signs Your HVAC Needs Repairs

In most cases, HVAC systems do not develop problems overnight. A distressed system sends various signals before falling apart. Here are some signs that exhibit your HVAC is in dire need of help.

A Sudden, Unexplained Spike in Your Energy Bills

You know you have a problem on your hands when there is a sudden, inexplicable rise in your energy costs. If your energy bills are giving you sleepless nights, there is a strong possibility that one of the several parts of your HVAC system has developed a problem, which is dragging down its efficiency.

From clogged filters to blocked vents, there are several reasons for a drop in heating and cooling performance. Ignoring these problems can result in more serious issues such as compressor failure.

Weird Odors

Some common HVAC odors are:

Burning odor: Can indicate an electrical issue
Rotten egg smell: Can be caused due to a natural gas leak
Musty or moldy odor: Can be an indicator of mold growth in the ductwork
Gas smell: Do you smell like gas is burning every time your heater is turned on? This can be caused by a leak in a pipe fitting or within the system

Do not ignore these problems. To steer clear of safety risks, avail of professional HVAC services in Flowery Branch.

Cool or Lukewarm Air Coming Out of the System

If your system is circulating cool or lukewarm air, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that there’s something wrong with it. Some common reasons include faulty/leaky ductwork, reduced airflow, and fuel combustion issues.

Is your malfunctioning HVAC slowly falling apart? We, at Central Heating and Air Conditioning, urge you to act before things take a turn for the worse. Whatever your HVAC problem, our team will come up with a cost-effective and sustainable solution. To request an appointment, call us at 404-975-2534.