Keeping the home warm during the winter months has become quite easy and convenient, thanks to heating systems that can be installed easily in homes. There are various sources through which the heat is emanated in the heating system. Out of them, furnaces need special mention and they have been an integral part of heating systems in homes. However, just installing the furnace in the home is not enough. It is important that the furnace is cleaned and maintained and serviced from time to time so that it runs properly and functions at optimal levels when required. Furnace cleaning and furnace tune-up are two very important parts of furnace maintenance.

It has been seen that with timely maintenance and servicing, the need for a furnace repair is minimized to a great extent. In case there are any minor problems, they can be resolved and sorted during the maintenance and servicing process only. However, there are times when the furnace gets beyond repair and there is no other alternative than to opt for furnace replacement. In this article, we will discuss the costing which will be incurred in getting the furnace cleaned or repaired in 2020.

Costing of Furnace Repairs

The average costing of furnace repair is $296. Basically, the costing is in the range of $131-$469. The cost of repair varies depending on the kind of furnace – gas furnace or electric furnace. The charges to repair electric furnaces are approximately $300 or less. However, gas furnaces are difficult to repair for their complexity. As a result, their repair charges are more and in the range of $375-$1,200. Apart from the repair charges, the HVAC repair professionals have their own service charge. While some charge $75 hourly, others might charge in the range of $50-$150 per hour.

Part-Wise Furnace Repair Cost

  • Heat Exchanger – The repair cost of the heat exchanger is in the range of $100-$200. But if complete replacement is sought, the cost might be in the range of $500-$1500. The brand also decides the price of heat exchanger repair and replacement.
  • Blower Motors – Simple repairs to the blower motor might cost about $150-$450. However, for complete replacement, the costing will rise to almost $1500.
  • Igniter Replacement–Normal costs of igniter replacement are in the range of $150-$250. But for emergency services, the charges might go up to $300-$500.
  • Furnace Gas Valve – The cost of furnace gas valve replacement is in the range of $200-$600.
  • Draft Inducer Motor – For repairing a draft inducer motor, the costing is in the range of $200-$1500. The replacement cost is also in this range only. For replacing the whole unit, the cost incurred will be in the range of $600-$1500. These prices also vary depending on the brand.
  • Furnace Coil–If you are looking to replace the evaporator coil and furnace condenser, the cost will be in the range of $600-$2,000.
  • Thermocouple On a Furnace–When a thermocouple needs replacement, the cost will be in the range of $150-$250.
  • Furnace Flame Sensor – If the furnace’s flame sensor needs to be repaired, you must be ready to pay in the range of $75-$250.
  • Furnace Thermostat–For repairing the furnace thermostat, you will end up spending $100-$300. However, if the thermostat needs replacement, you might have to pay $600 or more.
  • Oil Furnace Combustion Chambers–For replacing oil furnace combustion chambers, you have to pay around $200-$600.

Costing for Inspection, Tune-up, and Furnace Cleaning

To maintain the furnace properly, it must be inspected and tuned up at regular intervals of time. The cost incurred for inspection of the furnace and cleaning the same is in the range of $100-$300. If you also intend to carry out duct cleaning services, you might have to pay an additional $250-$500.

There are times when you would only want an inspection for your furnace and do not need cleaning or tune-up. For such a service, you will have to shell out almost $50-$100. Annual inspection packages are also offered by many companies, offering furnace cleaning, tune-up, and maintenance services.

If you are looking to hire an HVAC professional, the labor rates will vary from one location to another. Their rates are more or less in the range of $75-$125 per hour. For regular service calls, the charges are a minimum $100-$200 for the work of about 1-2 hours. However, if you have emergency service calls (which is on weekends and after regular work hours), you will have to pay higher charges in the range of $200-$300.

Furnace filters are a very important part of any furnace and they should be replaced frequently for the proper functioning of the device. The expenses of changing furnace filters will actually depend on the brand, but the rates are about $10-$30.

Different Kinds of Furnace Repair Costs

There are three main varieties in which furnaces are available – gas & propane, electric, and oil.

If you are looking to repair an electric furnace, expect to spend about $300 or less for the same. The cost will also depend on the problem. If a new heating element is to be added, you will have to pay $50-$200.

Natural gas and propane furnaces are expensive to repair when compared to electric furnaces. The cost is in the range of $300-$1200.

Last but not least is an oil furnace. The cost of repairing such a furnace is almost the same as natural gas and propane furnaces.

Hiring a Professional For Furnace Cleaning and Repairing Works

Diagnosing and fixing furnace problems is not as easy as it seems. In fact, furnace issues can become a major safety concern. This is the reason that the job of furnace repair and furnace cleaning and furnace tune-up should be endowed on an HVAC professional. Contact Central Heating and Air Conditioning at (404) 261-2280 for similar services.