A central heating system is designed to provide warmth to the entire interior of a building. It can be an HVAC system. Central heating systems are more efficient, quieter, and more cost-effective (in the long run) than your average heating system. Getting a central heating system installed in your home is the best gift that you could give to your loved ones this winter. Before approaching a heating repair expert in Sandy Springs for central heating installation,learn everything there is to know about these systems. Research your options and create a budget.

Central Heating Installation Cost

If you have good pre-existing ductwork, expect to pay $6,000-$8,000 to get a gas central heating system installed. If, however, the project involves renovating and opening walls, attic, ceilings, or crawl spaces, you’ll be paying between $10,000 and $14,000. The final cost can further go up if you want to utilize zone heating or a special thermostat.

Cost Breakdown

Air conditioning repair experts in Sandy Springs and other parts of the country provide a breakdown of the total project cost with every quote. When calculating the total cost of your project, remember to consider the cost of:

  • Registers as per your preferred style
  • Gas furnace
  • Getting ductwork installed or upgraded
  • Getting your existing system removed and disposed of
  • Getting an exhaust port for connected registers installed
  • Labor; most HVAC experts will charge $85-$95 per hour, whereas electricians demand between $75 and $250 per hour

Expect to pay more, if your project involves:

  • Creation of multiple heating zones or independent heating areas (most homeowners who want to get this done will pay an extra $500-$2,000)
  • Mounting air cleaners into register ports (costs $750 each)
  • Installation of smart controls
  • Installation of a touch screen or programmable thermostat. Expect to pay $250 for a programmable thermostat

Additional Considerations

Your choice of season will impact your total project cost. An air conditioning maintenance company in Sandy Springs will charge up to 30 percent more for installing a central heating system in the peak season. To save money, consider getting your system installed in the off season. It is also advisable that you get quotations from at least three contractors. Discuss the tax benefits of an upgrade with your contractor, and ask the expert whether they can help you with documentation and paperwork.

Getting a gas system installed makes sense if:

  • Your ductwork is in top shape (homeowners with faulty ductwork pay an extra $2,500-$10,000 to get new ducts run), and
  • The system is not divided in zones

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