A functional air conditioner is nothing short of a blessing, and can help improve your quality of life. From filtering the internal air to cooling or heating it, your air conditioner performs numerous roles on a regular basis. Like all other household devices, your air conditioner is prone to repair and maintenance issues. To get the most out of your system, you need to address these issues in a timely manner. If you, like many property owners, cannot tell when is the right time to show some love to your system, relax! We got you covered. To help, we in this post, take a look at some signs that your AC needs maintenance. Read on.

Restricted Airflow

Has the capability of your AC to circulate fresh air taken a hit? If yes, contact an AC maintenance company in Buford immediately. Restricted airflow can be due to several reasons such as clogged filters, and dirty ductwork. To get to the root cause of the problem, your air conditioning repair expert in Decatur will conduct various tests. Based on their findings, the air conditioning repair expert will come up with an appropriate solution.

Unusual Sounds

If your AC squeaks, hisses, grinds, or pops, you need to consult a repair expert immediately. Though many noises emitted by ACs are normal, some may indicate serious repair issues such as refrigerant leak, loose or broken parts, unclean condenser coils, and faulty blower.

Strange Smells

Malfunctioning ACs often emit bad smells. Musty odors often indicate serious issues such as clogged evaporator coils and ductwork, and blocked drain line. To get a sustainable solution, consult a repair expert immediately.


When these signs manifest, don’t waste a minute in getting expert help. If you are in Atlanta, our experts at Central Heat & Air Conditioning would be happy to help. To schedule an appointment, call at 404-975-2917. Alternatively,to leave a message, fill out our contact form