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3 simple steps to help improve Indoor Air Quality this Spring

As we approach the warmer months in Metro Atlanta, it’s time to consider how the temperature change and all that comes with it can affect your allergies! Since weather is a very common allergy trigger, there are a few ways you can improve your home’s air quality that’ll keep allergies at bay!

Circulate, Circulate – Take the opportunity to open the windows to let the fresh air in or run ceiling fans to keep air circulating. This will help move hot air from inside the home.As an added bonus, natural ventilation can reduce total energy consumption by 10 to 30 percent compared with a home using a forced-air cooling system, according to the U.S. Green Building Council!

Dog Days – Don’t forget to bathe and groom your pet regularly, as well as wash their bedding frequently in hot water. With the warm weather, your dog may pick up pollen that stays in their dander. That means it’ll be floating around your home!

Investigate your Dehumidifier – Another way to improve your indoor air quality is with a low level of humidity! Dust mites and mold love moisture, so keeping humidity around 30 percent to 50 percent helps keep them and other allergens under control. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier to reduce moisture in indoor air and effectively controls allergens.   Avoid a humid house this summer by calling us at Central Heating and Air Conditioning for a free quote on a new dehumidifier. 404-261-2280