It can be frustrating when you’ve set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature, but your house still feels chilly. The thermostat alone might not be the solution to achieving a warm home. There are several possible reasons for this issue, and it’s important to address them promptly by contacting an experienced residential HVAC repair company.

If You’re Experiencing This Problem, Consider These Five Factors That Could Be Causing Your Home To Feel Cold, Even With The Thermostat Set To 68 Degrees:

  • Air Leaks From Inlets:

Air leaks can occur in various HVAC systems, particularly forced-air systems. These leaks prevent sufficient pressure from pushing warm air into your home. Common causes of air leaks include gaps between window frames and siding or trim, gaps around electrical outlets, and worn weatherstripping. Check all vents and pipes for leaks and seal them using caulk or putty. If you’re unable to locate the leak, it’s advisable to seek professional AC repair and tune-up service in Atlanta.

  • Poor Ductwork:

This is a significant issue, especially in older homes and forced-air heating or cooling systems. If your ductwork is old and poorly insulated, it can result in a loss of 10-15% of heat due to leakage. As a result, even if the thermostat displays 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 Celsius), you might feel closer to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 Celsius) due to poor insulation. This can cause drafts and difficulty in maintaining a warm environment. If you’re uncertain about the condition of your ductwork, consult a qualified residential l HVAC installation company to assess the efficiency of your system.

  • Insufficient Wall or Window Insulation:

Lack of proper insulation or poor construction in older homes can contribute to a cold indoor environment. You can test this by comparing the warmth of your hand against the wall with the rest of the room. If there’s a noticeable difference, it indicates inadequate insulation or gaps that require patching. To address this issue, contact your local residential and residential HVAC repair company to install additional insulation in your walls and windows.

  • Improper Sealing of Air Ducts:

Gaps or holes between air ducts and walls or ceilings allow cold air from outside to enter the house and cause heated air to escape. Hiring a professional AC tune-up and repair contractor is recommended to properly seal these gaps, prevent cold air infiltration, and maintain warm air inside your home.

  • Incorrect Thermostat Placement:

The thermostat has its limitations and must be placed in an optimal location. It should be easily visible to everyone in the household while avoiding proximity to heat sources like stoves or fireplaces. Placing the thermostat near heat sources can lead to inaccurate temperature readings, resulting in increased energy consumption and higher utility bills.

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