3 Benefits of Choosing a Carrier Infinity Thermostat

Having a Carrier Infinity® thermostat installed in your home will help you save money on your energy bills. In fact, the company's thermostats are so advanced that they even allow you to change the temperature of your home when you aren't there! If you were wondering what some other of the best benefits of choosing their thermostats are, here are ... Read More

5 Energy-Saving Tips to Consider for the Kitchen

Aside from your heating and cooling units, there are other appliances in your home—especially the kitchen—that will cause your energy bill to go from bearable to unbearable. As an HVAC Company in Metro Atlanta, one of the things that we pride ourselves on is helping our clients save money with new heating and air conditioning units. However, that is not … Read More

3 Things You Can Do to Maintain Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency!

Ah, the thought of walking into a home that is dry and cool after spending hours in 90+ degree weather. However, once you turn the key, push open the door, and then take a step inside you notice that it still feels hot. Maybe it’s just because you are too close to the door? So, you shut the door, walk … Read More

Tips To Stay Cool During These Sizzling Summer Temperatures

With the mercury on the rise temperatures are hitting triple digits. James Woolley, president of Central Heating and Air Conditioning, provides some tips to stay cool this summer. 1. It is important to install a Wi-Fi thermostat. You can adjust the temperature throughout the day from your smart phone. We recommend WI-FI programmable thermostats, because you can adjust these via … Read More

Why Should You Consider Having a HVAC Maintenance Plan?

hvac maintenance atlanta

Why Should You Consider Having a HVAC Maintenance Plan? Your Unit Will Be Less Likely to Breakdown. What do most people expect when they get a new air conditioning unit? Well, they probably expect peace of mind. They have a new unit that they believe will not breakdown for a couple of years. The fact of the matter is, when … Read More

Pets and Food – Protect Your Pets This Holiday Season

Central Heating and Air Conditioning has been in business since 1947 by making our customers’ comfort and air quality our priority.For some, air quality has a significant effect on overall health and well-being, as does the food we consume.  Whereas humans are well versed on what they can and cannot consume, our beloved animals don’t possess the same knowledge and … Read More

Prevent Jet Lag this holiday season!

We at Central Heating and Air Conditioning know that traveling this holiday season to see your loved ones can be an unforgettable experience. That is, unless you’re half-asleep throughout the trip because of severe jet lag. Jet lag recovery time greatly depends on how many time zones you cross. Crossing 6 time zones, for instance, could take your body up … Read More

Should I cover my AC unit for winter?

To cover or not to cover? There have been many debates over this question.  Air conditioning units are designed to be installed outdoors and take the abuse that weather dishes out. If you cover the entire unit, it can trap moisture inside, causing a high-humidity environment that the wires, connections, and any circuit boards don’t do well in. Small animals … Read More

Cleaning Tips for Your Car

As we all know, Atlanta has been drenched with rain the past few months.  We have 5 easy tips to help you bring back the sparkle in your car without spending lots of money. 1. Use toothpaste to scrub headlights Your once-unblemished headlights don’t have the clarity they used to. Use a tube of blue toothpaste to clean the smudges (make sure … Read More

Fire Pits – Stay Safe Around Your Fire Pit

The employees at Central Heating and Air Conditioning want you and your family to be safe while enjoying those beautiful fire-pits.  Building a fire pit can be as simple as circling stones in your backyard or as complex as a professionally built unit on your patio. DO: Build your fire pit on a level surface Make sure the ground or … Read More